4 Mar 2016

Divisor Sudoku

WPF GP - practise for the third round :)

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2 Feb 2016

Serbian Frame Sudoku

A practise puzzle for an upcoming WPF GP Sudoku round. We played a little bit with the numbers outside and hope you'll like it :)

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19 Jan 2016

Place by Product

A practise puzzle for the first round of World Puzzle Federation Puzzle Grand Prix. Enjoy!

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8 Jan 2016

Purchase Slovak Sudoku Online

New, convenient method to purchase Slovak Sudoku Magazines is now available! As we know the ordering via emails is not the most comfortable e-shopping method, we have created a new website to make it easier for you :)

Within few clicks, you can browse our newest issues, view sample pages, choose the ones you like, pick the delivery and payment method and have your order ready in few days :) All in English, of course. If you are interested, visit to see more!

P.S.: "Obchodík na rohu" is a Slovak equivalent of Shop Around the Corner from our favourite movie ;)

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16 Nov 2015

Frameless Sudoku

The 11th World Sudoku Championship is approaching! Did you know it starts exactly in 11 months from today? As it is the best time to start practising, we have prepared a special puzzle for you. And here is your challenge: can you solve it in less than 11 minutes? If so, let us know in the comments! Enjoy! :)

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13 Nov 2015

World Sudoku & Puzzle Championship 2016

According to the results of the votes od World Puzzle Federation members, it has been decided that the 2016 World Sudoku and Puzzle Championships will be held in Slovakia.

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