World Sudoku & Puzzle Championship 2016

According to the results of the votes od World Puzzle Federation members, it has been decided that the 2016 World Sudoku and Puzzle Championships will be held in Slovakia.

We are very excited to organise such an event and will do our best to make it unforgettable. The preparations have already started - the venue is fixed (see you in Senec in October 2016!), the puzzle creating is in progress (and we love it!) and we have already came out with some ideas about the evening entertainment, sightseeing tour, results publishing and many more. Still, there is a huge amount of work to be done and (although we do have a lot of valueless advice from our friends which have organised WSPC in past) this is definitely about to take us all the spare time during the next 12 months. That's why for this year, we can not guarantee any blog activity and even if there might appear some puzzles from time to time, it is probable that we'll spare the best ones for the championships.

If you are looking for some puzzles to practise, the archive of our blog and our magazines should provide you some useful material :) Other puzzles can be found on the well-known puzzling websites, such as LMI (Logidoku, Don't Worry Be Happy, Logirace or Sudoku 8x8), Sudokucup (SC 5, SC 10 - puzzle competition) or WPF GP (puzzle rounds in 2013-2015). We have regularly contributed to the 24 HPCs and Indian or Polish championships. And if it's not enough, try to browse the Slovak version - section for Young Puzzlers and you will find even more puzzles to practise (even if not very difficult ones).

More information about the WSPC will come in the beginning of the next year where the website will be released. The expected date of the championships is October 16th-23th (to be confirmed when the website is released). Dont forget to check WPF webpage for updates. If you have any advice for us, please leave a comment here, we will appreciate every idea!

See you in Slovakia ;)